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Transparency News 3/23/17

baseless; high school league & FOIA; DHS backlog grows; Next Request

Transparency News 3/22/17

audit agreement; rules on adding proposals; emailed requests

Transparency News 3/21/17

misusing data?; shredding complaints; W-2s released; tips from FOIA veterans

Transparency News 3/20/17

game on, but no data; highest paid adjunct; more than a law, a policy

Transparency News 3/17/17

audit aversion; who uses federal FOIA; rules make it difficult

Transparency News 3/16/17

execution access; no oversight in contract; Ark. anonymous police; online

Transparency News 3/15/17

Truth in the Field launch; don't want an audit; Trump tax returns

Transparency News 3/14/17

 the FOILies; $36.2 million on FOIA fights; 3/5 haven't updated regs

Transparency News 3/13/17

Sunshine Week; settlement amount withheld; pot & kettle; econ development

Transparency News 3/10/17

new proposal, no input, no vote?; booted off Facebook; voice votes


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