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Transparency News 5/26/17

hotline calls; internal audits; universities as law enforcement?

Transparency News 5/25/17

2 sides to a requests; chair's special right?; transcript; workarounds

Transparency News 5/24/17

dark money; audits; personnel radio silence

Transparency News 5/23/17

mystery biz name; recorded interactions; the Jonnie Williams problem

Transparency News 5/22/17

who uses FOIA; public comment; Artentine lemons; h.s. associations

Transparency News 5/19/17

but I haven't seen the video; charges dropped; improvement hotline

Transparency News 5/18/17

seminar thanks; mystery company; slave narrative; vendetta or reform?

Transparency News 5/17/17

digital history; contradictory statements; electronic records fee

Transparency News 5/16/17

ruling on closed hearing; fired for personal use; medical marijuana

Transparency News 5/15/17

national stories: tapes & record keeping; pesticides; weaponized tool


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