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Transparency News 7/24/17

elected v. appointed; presidents & pardons; Freeze FOIA; travel

Transparency News 7/21/17

hasn't been calculated; no improper activity; IDed; proactive release

Transparency News 7/20/17

FOIA suit against AG; resignation terms; pending requests; going rogue

Transparency News 7/19/17

social media, but not police ID; NC text msgs; $314K; Mar-a-Lago visitors

Transparency News 7/18/17

mum on severance; new website; efficient counsel; Facebook mugshots

Transparency News 7/17/17

RFP irregularities; mistakenly released; shouldn't need to be explained

Transparency News 7/7/17

title lender suit; unnamed donors; 126 reasons why; profound disinterest

Transparency News 7/6/17

more secretive execution; forms; on voter info requests; appeals

Transparency News 7/5/17

appointments; FOIA at 51: We all can support efforts to make the law more effective

Transparency News 7/3/17

full text; judge's FOIA ruling on senators; GuideStar; by email; staff salaries


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